It is intimidating for beginners to look around the table. Especially when they see their opponents for the first time. Playing poker is like going to war. Knowing your opponents will let you plan and amp your chance of winning. Poker players are categorized differently. Here are popular titles in the poker community.

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  • The Fish

This is also called as Calling Station or Trigger. This type of player always call. They rarely raise bets or go all-in. They continue to call regardless of their hand. They choose to remain in the round for as long as possible.

  • The Nit

The Nit or Rock is the polar opposite of the Fish. Also called the Stone or Old White nā€™ Tight. This player is not ready to take risks. The Nit plays only premium hands in the top range. This player is only interested when the chance of winning is more than 90%. The Nit only plays Aces, Kings, Queens and sometimes, AK. If a Nit raises the bet then you can be sure they have a really good hand. Once you spot the Nit you can safely fold whenever they raise.

  • Noob or Newbie

Also called Bingo Player or the Chancer. This type of player is almost impossible to read and call. They rely on luck and good fortune. They do not have any strategy nor skill. They play on impulse. The difference between the noob and the newbie is the willingness to learn. The noob does not want to try and learn something. They consider luck as the most important factor in the game. The newbie is one who is ignorant because of being a beginner. The newbie has the enthusiasm to learn, unlike the noob.

  • The Maniac

This player will play almost every hand. The Maniac will raise or re-raise with any two cards. This player is extremely aggressive. Opponents tend to get distracted by the Maniac. Other players need to remain calm and plan properly against the Maniac. Only then will they have a chance to create a profitable situation.

  • ABC Poker

This player sticks to the rules and plays it safe. ABC Poker knows the basic elementary play. That is the only advantage it has over the Noob or Newbie. This player prefers to play in an uncomplicated and rudimentary manner.

  • The Coffee Houser

This player is very common in the United States but is unacceptable in the UK. This player speaks in an ill manner to break the opponents. Other players can be misled by all the talks of the Coffee Houser.

  • Sharks

This player is also called the Sneak or the Pro. The Sharks are very hard to read. They can adjust to any kind of player. The Sharks can pretend to be other types of players to lure their opponents. They come pouncing off when you least expect it and at the most suitable moment.

Do you want to try if you can already spot the different types of poker players? Enjoy Poker Online and try to be one of them.

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